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"It was horrible. Horrible! Like lightning it struck. No one was prepared. You cannot imagine the rapidity with witch the whole thing happened. The shelves in the grocery stores were empty. You could buy nothing with your paper money." -Friedrich Kessler, Harvard & U.C. Davis Law professor, Weimar Republic hyperinflation survivor. 

ATTENTION!: If you are looking to protect your assets from economic collapse, excessive regulation, or just want a little more privacy, this may be of CRITICAL importance to you!  

Just look below at the Federal Reserves own chart showing the change in the monetary base, or how much money has been printed over time.  I was shocked the first time I saw this chart:

Now, ask yourself...

How Can The USA Not Experience Hyperinflation?

FATCA. Hyperinflation. More mismanagement by the Federal Reserve. A terrorist attack. Foreign governments simply dumping the Trillions in US bonds they hold. ANY of these events could bring on the dollar crash, ruin the USA, and bring about a total US economic collapse.  Learn how to open an offshore account and safeguard your wealth before it's too late.


Today in the USA the bad news seems to get worse every month. The government recently printed over a trillion dollars to fund the bail outs, more than doubling the amount of money previously created in the entire history of the USA!!  The US Dollar lost tremendous value relative to other currencies in just the last few years, and foreign investment money is fleeing the Country. Even many State and local governments may be facing bankruptcy. The USA is headed for an economic crash that will make the Great Depression look like a day at the beach.

It is the above reasons, and the freedom & privacy that comes with operating internationally that inspired me to open a Swiss bank account.  I needed to make sure I could still have my life savings intact and provide for my family in the event of a banking collapse, hyperinflation event, or other financial catastrophe.


Maybe you just want to have some ultra safe CDs in a currency other than your countries currency, or to make SURE you are not affected by your bank becoming insolvent, or you just want to invest in markets not available through US based brokers.  Maybe it is the privacy of having assets off the radar screens of greedy lawyers. Whatever your reason, history confirms that exceedingly few escape the pain and suffering caused by a financial crises.


There are many reasons why having your own offshore bank and brokerage account is the best way to go:

Place your money in some of the most stable countries in the world. The USA has had 3 major bank crises since 1900, is ridiculously over leveraged and continuing to borrow.  Put your money into super conservative, well capitalized banks in countries with sane finances.


Safely hold your balance in a variety of more stable foreign currencies or trade on foreign stock exchanges not normally available in the USA. 


Enjoy the much greater privacy of your account. No worrying if that lawyer is going to find your funds during an asset search. 


"Don't pay other's to do this for you... 

It's just TOO EASY to do yourself!

Like you may have experienced, I had a very difficult time finding ANY details on solid offshore banks and brokerage firms. I paid a lot of money on more than 1 occasion just to find out the names of Swiss banks that I MIGHT have been interested in. I eventually found an excellent brokerage firm in a solid country.  Swissquote was truly excellent.  Then it happened; US legislation made most foreign banks and brokerage firms very reluctant to open accounts for Americans.  If you are in the USA just go to Swissquotes site, and see what happens. 


In today’s world it is extraordinarily difficult to place your funds outside of the US financial system if you are a US citizen, EVEN IF YOU LIVE ABROAD!  Even if you find a foreign bank or brokerage account willing to allow you to open an account, they will almost certainly require you to travel there and apply in person. 


Since Swiss banks became unreceptive to Americans I invested tremendous effort into researching the various suitable countries for Americans to place funds.  These banks and brokerage firms had to be in countries where there is very low to no local taxation on profits from investment accounts held by foreigners.  They needed to be located in countries with STRONG banking systems and economies not tied in with the USA and Western Europe, relatively neutral and not quick to take sides in wars or international disagreements, and resistant to diplomatic bullying by other countries.  The brokerage firms needed to have access to a wide variety of securities on a wide variety of exchanges all over the world. 


My criteria was very stringent, and, after literally searching the world and contacting all kinds of online brokerage companies and banks I did find a very few gems; one bank and a small number of brokerage firms.


What I am offering is the results of my research.  I am offering the names of the offshore banks and offshore brokerage firms I have found. 

These Firms Powerful Features Include:


  • FATCA non participants. My list includes both a non FATCA participating brokerage firm and bank. 


  • Free internet banking.  Easily access your account information and initiate transactions online. Efficient, clear and secure processing of all money transactions.


  • Open All Accounts Through the Mail.  No international travel required.


  • Electronic Transfer.  Funds Credited quickly.


  • Visa or MasterCard Credit Card or Visa Debit Card attached to bank accounts with worldwide ATM access.  


  • Deposit and withdraw as much as you want without any restrictions or wire money to virtually anywhere in the world.


  • Keep your Cash in one or more of several currencies.


  • Together, the Brokerage Firms Offer: 


  • Access securities listed on the following exchanges: USA, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore, Doha, Dubai, Taiwan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, and Muscat.


  • UNMATCHED DIVERSIFICATION. Is your current broker able to match that diversification while placing your funds safely outside of the world’s most upside down economy and banking system? 


  • LOW COST options for online securities transactions.



Access to investments nearly unheard of in the USA, i.e. high rated sovereign bonds issued by financially solid countries denominated in strong, stable currencies.  I was amazed by how easy it was to find high yield sustainable dividend stocks abroad. 


Isn’t that what this is about, diversifying your assets away from the increasing risks associated with the USA and other western nations?


I wasn't worried during the recent banking crisis!  


Most sites selling information about opening an offshore Bank and/or brokerage account ask for between $50 and $85 or so, for a simple eBook.  I am not saying that their products are bad, but how many books in your local book stores go for $85, or even $50 right off the shelf?  I paid high prices and I felt I was paying too much, but I had no choice. 

Now, I have a choice.  I can try to make as much money as I can off the few people who might purchase what I offer, or I could sell my information for as little as possible while helping the most people.  I chose to help as many as I could, those who were once in my shoes.  As you’ll see by the $18 price, I don’t make a lot of money on a sale. 


I highly recommend you take action now.  During the recent bailouts, the USA MORE THAN DOUBLED THE TOTAL SUM OF MONEY IN CIRCULATION.  If that does not spell hyperinflation, I don’t know what does.  Think about how you will be affected by a dollar crash, your family, friends, your employer.  Will your job still be there?  While we may have a small window of time, I am not taking any chances.  Don't let another day go by where you are vulnerable in this economically dangerous environment. Any delay at this point is only putting you at more risk.  Act now.

If you've read this far, you realize the importance of protecting what you have worked so hard for. The choice is yours.


How much protection do you deserve to give your hard earned funds?  How much financial security do you and your loved ones deserve?


You don’t need to go abroad or do any complex paperwork. The firms are very helpful and will provide you with all of the account opening documents; they want your business!  The most you will need is proof of a passport, all very simple and easy.  You don’t have to put up with embassy legalizations, and everything is available in several major languages. 


The hardest part of opening your offshore accounts is finding and selecting the bank and broker, and my list does that for you.


You won’t need to travel to the bank or brokerage firms to open your accounts.  Everything can be done through the mail.  No Apostilles required.

The only question is...

what are you waiting for?

Save time by opening your Offshore Bank & Brokerage Account by yourself. Don't rely and have to wait on agents to do this for you. My list is available for immediate download, so you can get started right away! 

At least take a look - Click Below to go to


Our Secure Order Form to get Instant Access!

Important Note:

All transactions processed by super secure Rocketr, with a variety of secure payment methods to choose from.

Order Online with Safely and Confidence.


Happy Investing!

PS.  The sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the power that comes with offshore banking. It's time to bullet proof your assets!


 Contact me with any questions


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